The Best Apps and Tools to Run a Successful Dog Instagram Account

What apps do you use to help you manage your Instagram account? This is one of my most frequently asked questions!

Here's a round up of all the tools and apps I use to run my Instagram accounts. I'll plan to continue adding to this and updating it in the future.

Content Creation & Editing:

  • Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom is Adobe's FREE app to edit photos and apply presets. Think of it like a free, mobile version of Photoshop! While there is a paid option, I'm able to do all the editing I need with the free version.
    • Note: Many people also purchase "presets" that you can install in Lightroom to apply consistent editing to each of your photos. There are literally thousands of preset options on Etsy!
  • Retouch: Retouch is amazing! It allows you to EASILY remove objects from photos (such as a leash or another dog in the background). It's totally beginner-friendly!
  • InShot: InShot is my go-to app to edit videos. You can put multiple video clips together, trim clips, add voiceovers, and much more. I use the paid version of InShot.
  • Tezza: One thing that's challenging about posting videos to your Instagram feed is trying to make them aesthetically match your photos. Tezza is the best solution I've found for this. The Tezza app has a large variety of filters that you can apply to your videos.
  • Canva: I use Canva to create any graphics that I post on Instagram (especially in my stories) as well as Pinterest pins that promote my Instagram posts.
  • Styled Stock Society: This is my go-to source for stock photos and Canva templates. They have the most beautiful and inclusive photos. Most of the photos on this website and in my pins are from SSS!


Content Planning & Scheduling:

  • Facebook Creator Studio: The Creator Studio is Facebook's built-in tool that allows you to schedule Instagram feed posts. I love the convenience of creating posts from my computer! This is my go-to scheduling app because it's made by Facebook and not a 3rd party app.
  • Later: I use Later's free tool to plan out my future posts and see how they will look on my profile grid. Note: I personally do not use Later for scheduling posts.
  • Asana: Asana has completely changed my life and business. I literally use it for EVERYTHING. It's incredibly helpful for content planning. I use Asana to create lists and boards of content topics as well as to plan out the workflow for a new post.


Data & Insights

  • Instagram - Many people don't know that you can access a ton of insights about your account through Instagram! Make sure you have your account set as a professional account (either creator or business) so that you can see insights about your posts, account, reach, and audience! These insights are invaluable. One of my biggest mistakes was waiting so long to convert my account to a creator account and missing out on months of data.
  • Ninjalitics - Ninjalitics is my favorite tool to keep track of my engagement rate as well as to check out what other accounts are up to.
  • IQhashtags - IQhashtags provides tools to monitor the success of the hashtags you're using. It shows you which hashtags you were a top post of and if so, what position your post got to.
  • nFollowers - This is the app I currently use to monitor unfollows. Note: NEVER perform an action (such as unfollowing) within a 3rd party app! This could result in an action block. Use apps like these for information purposes only. If you choose to do an action such as following or unfollowing an account, always do this within Instagram itself. 



  • Linktree: Instagram only allows you to share one link to your profile. Create a free Linktree account so you can create a list of links - including all of your social media platforms and affiliate links.

Find more tools that I use to run my blog and business here.


This post is part of the Pet Influencer 101 series!


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