How & Why to Set Your Dog Account as a Creator Account

If you want to grow consistently on Instagram, you need to be paying attention to your analytics. 

Many people don’t know this, but Instagram provides a lot of valuable insights within the app itself, such as:

  • How many accounts your post reached
  • How many impressions (views) your post got from hashtags
  • How many new followers you gained and lost per week
  • Your best performing posts

In order to see these analytics, you need to have your account set up as a professional account. There are two options for professional accounts: creator or business account. I recommend setting up your account as a creator account if you’re a pet account owner.


Perks of having a creator account

  • Accessing insights
  • Adding music to stories and reels (most business accounts don’t have this feature)
  • An enhanced DM inbox with 2 separate inbox folders: primary and general, plus the ability to flag messages and sort through spam
  • The ability to do paid promotions of your posts


According to Instagram:

With a professional account, you can get access to insights about your followers and account performance, new contact options and more.

  • Learn about your followers: Get insights about your followers and see how your posts are performing
  • Reach more people: Create promotions on Instagram to help reach more people and build your community
  • Get new contact options: Add a contact button to your profile to make it easier for people to get in touch with you


How to Switch to a Creator Account

Switching your account to a creator account is free, very simple to set up, and can be done at any time!

  1. Go to your settings

  2. Click on account

  3. Click on the blue link at the bottom that says Switch to Professional Account

  4. Select a category for your account. Note: The category you pick here really doesn’t matter, can be changed at any time, and can be hidden if you choose (step 5). I often see pet accounts with categories such as blogger, digital creator, or public figure

  5. Decide if you want your category displayed on your profile or not. For most pet accounts, I recommend hiding this as it takes up valuable space on your profile without adding much value. I do, however, recommend displaying the category if you’re running a business or provide a service.

  6. Choose if you want a business or creator account. Again, I recommend creator for pet influencers. This can be easily changed at any time.



According to Instagram:

  • Business: best for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations, and service providers
  • Creator: best for public figures, content producers, artists and influencers


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